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Back Pain

Cornerstone Chiropractic Drug-Free Back Pain Treatment in Knoxville

At Cornerstone Chiropractic, our Knoxville chiropractor provides all-natural back pain relief using massage, chiropractic, and complementary techniques. Learn why we should be your first phone call for back pain relief. 

back pain treatment from your knoxville chiropractor

Causes of Upper & Lower Back Pain 

Before we can begin back pain treatment in Knoxville, we must determine the cause. Potential causes of back pain include auto accident injury, sports injury, poor posture, muscle strain, bulging disc, scoliosis, or arthritis.

No matter the cause, back pain limits your range of motion while causing pain when you walk, move, lift, or try to complete certain activities. Your pain may be chronic or acute, dull or sharp. You may feel pins and needles feeling or develop numbness and tingling in your shoulders, upper back, low back, hips, or buttocks. The symptoms of back pain can affect your ability to work, relax, or perform your favorite activities. 

As we figure out the causes of your back pain, we can develop a treatment plan while making lifestyle suggestions to help you get to pain-free. Our suggestions may include nutrition supplements to help you enjoy wellness, core strengthening exercises to promote a healthy back, lifestyle suggestions for optimal health, or ergonomic recommendations to help you avoid work-related back pain. 

Our Knoxville chiropractor works extensively with scoliosis patients. In addition to bracing for support, we can provide complementary treatments to reduce scoliosis pain and symptoms. 

How Our Knoxville Chiropractor Treats Upper & Lower Back Pain 

Our chiropractor in Knoxville takes a holistic approach to back pain relief. We combine therapies so you can recover faster, feel better, and stay well. In contrast, conventional treatment of back pain consists of rest, ice, medication, and invasive procedures such as surgery for slipped discs. 

Chiropractic adjustments are the cornerstone of our treatments. These adjustments relieve nerve impingements and restore spinal alignment and length to treat common causes of back pain naturally. We can actually reverse a slipped or bulging disc using chiropractic care, rather than sending you to a back surgeon. Likewise, we can decrease sciatica pain by fixing sciatic nerve impingement at the root and relieve inflammation associated with arthritis by strengthening your nervous system. 

Along with chiropractic, we use therapeutic massage to address tissue adhesion, inflammation, and pain. Since tight muscles can pull your spine out of alignment, massage is an important component of a healthy spine. 

Our massage treatments are tailored to your specific back pain. As our massage therapist works on tight muscles, we relieve inflammation and pain by draining toxins, bringing a fresh supply of blood, and increasing both your blood circulation and your endorphins. Massage helps you relax while strengthening both your nervous and immune systems.

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