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  • Back And Glute Pain May Not Be Sciatica
    Lower back pain. Glute pain. Tingling. Numbness. Shooting pain.  These symptoms all sound like sciatica. And, with almost 40% of the entire population experiencing sciatica, it’s become a fairly common diagnosis. However, Read more
  • The Link Between Posture and Neck Pain and Headaches
    When you wake up, it’s the first thing to greet you. When you go to bed, it’s the last thing you think about. Small movements throughout the day act as Read more
  • Beat Neck Pain Before It Begins
    As our world whirs forward and technology continues to advance in new and exciting ways, it’s inevitable that more of our workforce spend a heavy amount of time in front Read more
  • What You Don’t Know About Sitting Could Hurt You
    Did you know that the average American sits for 13 hours per day?  Now factor in 7-8 hours of sleep and it translates to a ton of time off your feet Read more
  • Will Surgery Actually Fix My Back Pain?
    Chronic back pain has a way of infiltrating so many nooks and crannies of life. It can get in the way of taking vacations with family, doing the exercises that Read more