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  • A Holistic Approach To Weight Loss
    Yo-yo dieting. Crash dieting. The inevitable new fad diet that storms onto the scene. If you’ve hopped on the diet train to lose weight only to gain it back, you’re Read more
  • Where Hip Pain May Really Be Coming From
    Pain in the hip is, well...a pain. From normal everyday life activities like running errands and doing household chores to participation in exercise or sports, if you have a nagging Read more
  • Preparing Your Body For Childbirth
    This one goes out to all of our pregnant ladies! If you’re expecting – congratulations!  Preparing for a new addition to the family is such an exciting and busy time. However, Read more
  • Prevent and Treat Tech Neck
    The strong pull of social media isn’t going anywhere soon. Neither are the smartphones that most of us carry day and night to check our networks or send and receive Read more
  • 4 Common Causes of Tingling Hands and When to Be Concerned
    Tingling hands and fingers – it seems so minor! And, maybe just a little annoying? It might come on after using your smartphone a bit more liberally one week, or Read more