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  • Postpartum Self Care
    A new baby signals a time of love, joy, abundance, community, and a whole lot of wonder as the world unfolds through their eyes. But as much amazement, as you Read more
  • Recovering From Frozen Shoulder
    A stiff shoulder can really cramp your style. From limited motion, trouble sleeping, an inability to stay active, to plain annoyance during everyday activities, consistent and nagging shoulder stiffness can Read more
  • Managing Chronic Whiplash
    Were you in an accident that left you with symptoms of whiplash?  Has the accompanying headache, neck pain, and shoulder pain and stiffness continued to linger long after the initial bout?  If Read more
  • Rotator Cuff Injury and Recovery
    Are you experiencing chronic shoulder pain? Has a simple, overhead movement becomes difficult and uncomfortable? Maybe you’re on a basketball or football team and can’t seem to throw with quite Read more
  • Whiplash Facts More People Should Know
    Whiplash: in one jarring instant, everything changes. Neck pain. Loss of range of motion in your neck. Pounding headaches. Fatigue. Dizziness. If you’ve experienced the intense, sudden injury of whiplash, Read more